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Drive Electronics | Fujifilm Dimatix

Ethernet based Head Manager Board (HMB) for StarFire provides:

  • HMB-FD-HV capable of controlling up to 4 printheads per HMB
  • Flexible software integration options
  • Improved data integrity with dedicated GIS developed flexible printhead connectors
  • Simplified support and development with the HMB-FD-HV supporting both StarfFire SG600 and SG1024 printheads

USB based Head Interface Boards (HIB) for S-Class, Nova, Galaxy, Polaris, Sapphire/Emerald, StarFire SG1024 and Samba printheads

  • Electronics designed to drive printheads to their full specification
  • Support multiple grey levels (including high-speed binary)
  • Fully configurable waveform generation engine ensuring optimal performance of grey-scale printheads
  • Multiple printheads driven from a single board (printhead dependent)

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