Drive Electronics

Fujifilm Dimatix

Drive Electronics | Fujifilm Dimatix

S-Class, Nova, Galaxy, Polaris, Sapphire/Emerald, StarFire

  • Electronics designed to drive printheads to full specification
  • Support multiple grey levels (including high-speed binary)
  • All at a continuous full duty cycle (every nozzle jetting)

Precision Waveform Control

  • Fully configurable waveform generation engine ensuring optimal performance of greyscale printheads

24V technology for StarFire SG1024 (S,M,L)

  • Innovative regenerative power design 24V
  • Each HIB supports 2 x StarFire printheads

Samba G3L / G5L

  • 24V power supply
  • Each HIB supports 2 x Samba printheads

We’re here to help

The capability to drive new printheads is being developed all the time, so if you do not find information on this website about the printhead you need, please contact us to discuss

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