Atlas® Ready: Empowering Partners in Inkjet Innovation

Welcome to Atlas Ready

Welcome to Atlas Ready, the gateway to seamless integration and collaboration in the world of industrial inkjet technology. As a proud initiative of Global Inkjet Systems (GIS), Atlas Ready brings together cutting-edge software, robust hardware, and visionary partners to revolutionize the way we create, communicate, and print.

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What is Atlas Ready?

Atlas Ready is more than just a label; it’s a promise. It signifies that a product or solution has successfully integrated with our powerful software platform, Atlas. But what does this mean for our partners?

  1. Effortless Integration: By becoming Atlas Ready, your hardware and software seamlessly communicate with our inkjet ecosystem. Say goodbye to compatibility headaches and hello to streamlined workflows.
  2. Enhanced Performance: Atlas Ready products benefit from the full might of our software suite. From user-friendly interfaces to precise machine control, your solution will operate at peak efficiency.
  3. Market Advantage: Display the Atlas Ready badge proudly. It tells the world that your product is part of a global network committed to excellence in inkjet technology.
Atlas Software Brochure

Why Choose Atlas Ready?

  1. Unified Solution: No more piecing together software from one provider, electronics from another, and ink supply components from yet another source. With Atlas Ready, you get a complete package.
  2. Customization: Atlas’s modular and open design allows you to tailor your solution. Add components, enhance features, and create a unique offering for your customers.
  3. Quick Route to Market: Atlas accelerates development. Rapidly build user interfaces, integrate additional tools, and get your product to market faster.
  4. Global Reach: Our software supports multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Speak to a global audience effortlessly.

Atlas Components

GIS Atlas Ready, Inkjet Innovation

1. Atlas User Interfaces

  • Atlas Professional: A flexible control centre with movable windows and advanced screen layout management.
  • Atlas Operator: A human-machine interface (HMI) tuned for touch screens and rapid configuration.
GIS Atlas Ready, Inkjet Innovation

2. Atlas Server – Control Software

  • Manage the entire printing and sub-system process.
  • Integrate sub-system components: Datapath, electronics, RIP & Workflow, ink delivery, vision systems, automation, and more.
GIS Atlas Ready, Inkjet Innovation

3. Atlas UI SDK (Software Development Kit)

  • Customize UI components using C# source code.
  • Create new tools, modify functionality, and add branding.
GIS Atlas Ready, Inkjet Innovation

4. Atlas Server SDK

  • Develop new machine control components.
  • Create drivers for any sub-systems.

Get Atlas Ready Today!

Join the ranks of forward-thinking partners who are shaping the future of inkjet technology. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

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