Enhanced Drive Electronics for

Samba G3L/G5L

Head Interface Board HIB-FD-1200

GIS Product
Printhead Manufacturer

Fujifilm Dimatix

Printhead Family

Samba G3L/G5L


The HIB-FD-1200 from GIS is a Head Interface Board designed to provide communications between the GIS Print Manager Board PMB-C8-3 and the Samba™ printhead.

Printhead Variants Supported

Samba G3L and Samba G5L

Number of Printheads


Print Modes
Drop Size Mapping
Length 218mm
Width 82mm
Depth 26mm
Weight 311g
GIS Product
Printhead Heater
Thermal Protection
Board Temperature
Printhead Temperature
Power Supply
Number of Connectors Required to Drive Printhead 4
Cable length from PMB up to 10m
Cable length from HIB to Printhead* 300mm
Advanced Features

Customers can shape each waveform with accurate slew-rate and amplitude control in very fine time-slices throughout each pulse, making it ideal for a wide range of applications including labels, commercial print, and textiles.

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