Global Inkjet Systems

Working With GIS

Collaboration and Partnership

GIS provides a scalable and flexible solution for driving a wide range of inkjet printheads; whether you are developing a prototype or a full-production system, our core components remain the same, enabling rapid product deployment.

We have long-established relationships with key industrial inkjet printhead manufacturers and we believe in a collaborative partnership approach with our customers.

We can also act as a facilitator to connect you with suppliers, integrators, independent consultant engineers, and other potential partners to help you achieve your industrial print system goals.

Products and Applications

Our production-ready products are designed to work reliably 24/7 in rugged industrial printing environments.  Our technology can be used in XY scanning, single pass, 3D and custom systems. We provide the components and expertise you need to develop your ink jet system.

Our open architecture allows the integration of 3rd party peripherals as required and enables seamless integration into manufacturing processes.

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We work with OEMs, machine builders, ink manufacturers, research institutes and universities in a huge range of applications, enabling a quicker route to market for industrial print systems through a complete, flexible and extensible solution.

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Business Code of Ethics

Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) has always aimed to be an ethical employer and business partner.  We believe in acting in a socially responsible way, with honesty and integrity, and are committed to the principle of sustainability.

Below is a link to the full document, aimed at suppliers, customers, and partners, providing a summary of how we apply this ethical policy.  Underpinning this code are detailed policies on individual subjects, which are communicated to GIS employees through the Company Staff Handbook.

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Technical Expertise & Support

GIS technology is key to our product development to drive digital printheads, and we continue to invest heavily in R&D for continued manufacturing innovation.

We understand inkjet:  our staff have decades of experience in inkjet technology, markets and applications. Our expertise extends beyond hardware and software to include system, waveform and datapath management to help you with your industrial print requirements.

We offer both after-sales and technical support through dedicated teams based both at our UK headquarters and in regional offices in China and Japan.

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Our expertise extends beyond hardware and software

Our team has a wealth of knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines

For more information, contact us here or call us on +44 (0) 1223 733 733