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GIS Automotive Applications
Simplify production processes
GIS Applications
Reduce waste and save money
GIS Glass Applications
Enable the production of end-user quality, cost-effective short runs
GIS Automotive Applications
Reduce production consumables and materials usage

Automotive Applications

Using inkjet technology for direct-to-shape coating and graphics printing opens new markets, simplifies production processes and reduces cost.

The precise drop placement of inkjet means that processes can be simplified, and material use reduced.

  • No need for manual application of masking tape
  • Enables precise coating of more complex shapes and patterns
  • Enables customisation item by item

Inkjet uses drop-on-demand control, which means that it can print exactly the areas intended for printing or coating. Overspray wastage is dramatically reduced.

Industrial inkjet printing opens new opportunities for more customised or even personalised products. Traditional painting and coating technologies are not able to provide this at an economic cost.

GIS Automotive application brochure
GIS Automotive Applications
Meet market requirements with inkjet printing & coating project support
GIS Automotive Applications
Integrate inkjet technology for production application
Optimise the coating or image printing on any object surface with direct-to-shape software
GIS Automotive Applications
Access industry-proven subsystem components – drive electronics and fluid systems

Direct-to shape printing with inkjet

To be able to coat or decorate complex parts using inkjet technology, GIS has developed the Atlas® Direct-to-Shape Studio.

  • Integrates seamlessly with robotics and inkjet technology
  • Enables you to use inkjet efficiently to apply protective hard coats or full colour graphics to vehicle components
  • Optimises print path and graphics shape for maximum print / coating quality

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