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Starfire SG600

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Head Manager Board HMB-FD-HV

The new advanced Head Manager Board for Fujifilm Dimatix printheads (HMB-FD-HV) from GIS for the Fuji Dimatix Starfire SG600

GIS Product
Printhead Manufacturer

Fujifilm Dimatix

Printhead Family

Starfire SG600


Enabling full binary and greyscale capabilities, the HMB-FD-HV integrates datapath buffering, printhead management and high-precision fire waveform generation, all accessed via Gigabit Ethernet.

Printhead Variants Supported

StarFire SG600

Number of Printheads Driven from One HMB


Supported Printhead Functions
Binary and Greyscale Printing
Thermal Management and Control
Continuous Printhead Status Monitoring
Auto Printhead Shutdown
High Fidelity Waveform Design and Generation
HMB Integration
Length 300mm
Width 96mm
Depth 38mm
Weight 400g
PC to HMB Connection Length upto 100m
HMB to Printhead Connection Length 400mm
Connectivity Ethernet
Single Power Supply and Standard Connectors
Multiple Cooling Options
GIS Product
Drive Electronics Functions
Buffered and Streamed Print
Encoder and Product Detect Monitoring
Auto Electronics Shutdown
Remote Updates
Diagnostic LEDs
Continuous Electronics Status Monitoring
Link Status Monitoring
Reverse Power Polarity Detection and Protection
Over Voltage Protection
S/W Interface Options to HMB
REST API Interface for 3rd Party Integration and Software Development
GIS HMB Web Interface for Direct Browser Access (Print and Diagnostics)
GIS Atlas® Server for Scalable Print Systems
Advanced Features

The new advanced Head Manager Board for Fujifilm Dimatix printheads (HMB-FD-HV) from GIS is your single solution for scanning and single-pass applications. The HMB-FD-HV supports a wide-range of print-heads from Fujifilm Dimatix, based on the latest generation of GIS’ Ethernet products

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Head Manager Board HMB-FD-HV for Starfire SG600

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