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By Published 30th March 2021Blog

Simon Edwards, Business Manager – Software, is in conversation with the team at FuturePrint. He explores how the GIS collaboration with Esko can provide customers with increased workflow options for industrial print system development and innovation.

The Atlas Software Suite, developed by Global Inkjet Systems, has continued to evolve over the years, but remains a unique modular software solution that can be used for a range of digital printing software applications. A collaboration with Esko is opening new doors for customers through bespoke solutions and enhanced productivity, but with the GIS Atlas open platform and customisable features, why partner with Esko?

While GIS has the ability to deliver integration within its own ecosystem, working with partners provides customers with increased options, opening up more opportunities for streamlined, integrated and automated workflows and allowing them to bring innovations to market faster.

Simon Edwards, Business Manager for Software Solutions at GIS, explained: “Esko is a great example of a strong partnership that we’ve developed, where their world-class expertise in PDF workflow and colour management can be delivered via their DFE and seamlessly integrated with our high-performance screening, image quality enhancement and datapath products.”

He continued: “It also means that partners like Esko can increase their access to the digital printing industry by having their software integrated with digital printing machines, whereas traditionally many RIP solutions tend to act as a standalone product with limited integration. We are able create a seamless path for job data so that customers can RIP from the Esko system all the way through the GIS Atlas software down to the GIS or other datapath solutions.”

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