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GIS components for Ink Delivery Systems (IDS) now available to wider market

By Published 7th July 2015News

Global Inkjet Systems (GIS), a leading supplier of industrial inkjet systems, components and services, today announced that it is now making its components for Ink Delivery Systems (IDS) available to non-GIS customers.

Launched in September 2014, the GIS ink system components range comprises electronics, software and a portfolio of customisable header tanks and peripherals. Initially the products were available only to customers who were already using GIS printhead drive electronics and software. Now any inkjet system developer can have access to the IDS components product range.

Nick Geddes, CEO explains, “We’ve had a very positive response to the components concept. We found that many companies prefer not to purchase a full IDS – they want more flexibility – more control over the final configuration and where it’s positioned on their machine. The GIS ink system components give them this greater sense of ownership over the final system and a route to cost reduction.”

“We work with customers to design and configure a system tailored to their specific requirements” said Peter Stanier, GIS Senior Systems Engineer, adding “We design custom parts if required and we adopt a “building block” approach allowing machine builders to source their own components such as ink pumps and filters, which reduces their costs.”

Each Ethernet networked GIS ink control board can control from 1 to 6 fluids/inks independently. Two or more boards can be connected for systems that require 7 – 12 fluids/inks and beyond.

The GIS ink system components can be used with almost all industrial inkjet printheads and the majority of ink types including aqueous, UV curable and functional fluids – subject to materials compatibility tests.

Many inks and printheads have specific flow mode requirements which are fully supported by the GIS components.

  • End shooter mode for printheads such as Konica Minolta 1024/1024i/1800i, Ricoh MH2420 (Gen 4) / MH2620/MH2820 (Gen 4L) / MH5420/MH5440 (Gen 5), Kyocera KJ4A/B range
  • Low flow recirculating for end shooter printheads using inks that can benefit from recirculation
  • Controlled, adjustable flow recirculating for printheads such as Xaar 1002, TTEC CF1/CK1, Fujifilm StarFire and Samba

The GIS header tank designs also take into account different flow modes, space restrictions and ink capacity requirements for different applications and printer sizes.

For companies requiring additional support, GIS also offers a range of pressure control, heating, filtration, degassing and refilling systems, plus design consultancy and technical support.

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