Four Reasons to Choose GIS Ink Delivery Systems

By Published 2nd March 2022Blog

When building an industrial inkjet print system, a key consideration should always be the printhead and fluid compatibility. Once this is verified, getting the right amount of ink / fluid consistently to the printhead at the correct settings is the next important development step.

The stability of an ink delivery system is crucial for print performance: whether using printing inks or functional fluids, the pressure, temperature, flow rate and viscosity all need to be monitored and controlled. Although there are standard configurations available, the best ink delivery system is the one designed specifically for your application. Here are four reasons why you should be talking to GIS before embarking on your next ink delivery system build and installation.

1) Tried and Tested Development Knowledge

For over eight years, GIS has been working closely with machine builders, developing ink delivery systems for a wide array of industrial inkjet printheads and ink types, including aqueous, UV curable and functional fluids. We have tackled many fluid challenges and developed the necessary solutions to provide all the necessary components, from electronics, software, header tanks, heaters, and degassers to pressure control systems. We have an entire business unit dedicated to research and development, customer consultancy, design, and support. You can rest assured that we can evaluate and provide components for a durable and reliable ink / fluid delivery system to meet your exact requirements, as well as give you the flexibility to integrate complementary components into the final design. No matter the size or application, we can provide the technology to quicken your route to market.

2) Scalable Solutions you can Trust

With a GIS software at its core, each Ink Delivery System (IDS) features an integrated user interface and central control logic. The modular components supplied by GIS can be used as building blocks to develop bespoke systems.

System optimisation is achieved via:

  • Ink Management Boards (IMB) that control up to six inks / fluids independently: also easily scalable, using multiple IMBs for additional inks / fluids
  • Header Tanks that can support multiple printheads, reducing component numbers within the printbar
  • Ink / fluid temperature control management, without hot spots and thermostatically monitored to ensure ink viscosity is maintained, to ensure print quality

3) Exact Flow Requirements

For more demanding fluid volume applications, larger printing systems need to have a greater number of printheads, so managing and maintaining the control of fluid temperature, viscosity and flow rate is critical. In smaller systems other challenges occur; for instance, tolerances need to be tighter to keep printing consistent.

Inkjet printing continues to expand beyond the graphics sector, replacing conventional processes and coating methods in multiple industries. From small-quantity, precision pattern coating for smartphones to high laydown for 3D printed parts or automotive applications, the volume of fluid required differs considerably.

At GIS we offer a range of standard and customised modular systems with small, medium, or large header tank designs as required. Furthermore, we have recently released a PEEK Header Tank for extended materials deposition compatibility. Specifically designed to offer high resistance to aggressive fluids, it incorporates an FFKM gasket and, as with all GIS header tanks, it is available in various sizes according to each system’s requirements.

4) Unparalleled Service and Support

We provide a comprehensive onboarding programme and collaborate with you to establish a mutually agreed level of service, which includes first-phase product introduction and support, recommended maintenance and spares supply. System pre-checks, configuration and setup can be conducted online or on-site, depending on project requirements, and we provide ongoing online support and documentation to empower you to conduct routine maintenance and service exercises. You can also access our Customer Hub, a comprehensive platform for all your technical and commercial needs, including an extensive knowledge base, inventory checks and order placing.

In summary, whether it is for a new system build or existing platform improvements, our experienced GIS product managers, engineers, and technical support will apply their inkjet printing expertise to understand your specific requirements and create a dependable, durable, and scalable ink delivery system that optimises print performance and print quality. After all, understanding what you really need makes for minimum downtime and a swifter development process.

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