Collaboration-Key to Success in the Inkjet Industry

By Published 6th July 2023Blog

During the recent #SeikoOpenWeek2023  event in Germany, Simon Edwards, GIS Product Champion, delivered a compelling talk emphasising the critical role of collaboration in achieving success within the inkjet industry.

He highlighted the significance of teamwork and knowledge-sharing as essential factors in attaining optimal project outcomes. Acting as a bridge between technical development and product delivery, Simon often acts as the gatekeeper responsible for aligning technical requirements with technology development to ensure successful end-product delivery.

During the talk, he outlined ten key points regarding collaboration, to enable a smooth journey:

Begin with the end in mind:

  1. Clearly define the printed output specifications and establish testing procedures.
    – Determine metrics for assessing print quality and performance
    – Consider the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and ultimate profitability as separate factors
  2. View all stakeholders as potential collaboration partners.
  3. Make informed decisions regarding the choice of printhead.
  4. Develop a preliminary machine design based on input from industry experts.
  5. Assess commercial viability and set realistic goals.
  6. Establish a plan with stage gates that must be achieved before progressing to the next phase.
  7. Simplify ink development, software integration, and printhead maintenance.
  8. Prioritise the most demanding requirements when building a prototype.
  9. Consider the complete picture, including integration into end-customers’ operations.
  10. Regularly synchronise with all stakeholders, even those who may initially believe their involvement is unnecessary.

The talk highlighted the critical role of commercial viability throughout the collaborative process. Companies must align their goals and expectations realistically while making informed business decisions.

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