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Print Manager Boards

Print Manager Boards

GIS Print Manager Boards

The Print Manager Board ( PMB-C2 and PMB-C8-3) is the core hardware component of the GIS USB platform. It enables a standard Windows PC to drive multiple industrial inkjet printheads via USB in Single Pass, Scanning XY and custom systems. The USB link supplies image data for the printheads, and control and monitoring of the GIS system.

The PMB’s Advanced Encoder Manager System interfaces with encoders and product detect signals to provide complete drop placement control and repeatability for each printhead.

GIS System Manager

The System Manager (SM-200) is used on the GIS Ethernet platform to provide an Advanced Encoder Manager System interface for a wide range of encoders and product detect signals. It allows these interfaces to be remote from the Head Manager Boards (HMBs) and printheads by communicating position and timing information over Plastic Optic Fibre (POF) to the rest of the system.

Diagnostic LEDs give clear information on interface status.

Drive large arrays of printheads

With the power to simultaneously drive multiple printhead technologies off the same system at different resolutions, our PMBs open up a world of possibility for printer development and manufacturing

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