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CF1/CF1L/CF1XL Printhead control

  • Support 4 x printheads per board
  • Supports all CF1/CF1L/CF1XL variants
  • Provides access to all standard printhead settings including:-
  • Left & right nozzle bank voltage trim
  • Binary & greyscale mode (8 levels)
  • TTEC waveform settings

CF3/CF3R Printhead control

  • GIS Ethernet drive electronics platform
  • Supports CF3 and CF3R printheads
  • Provides print data management, waveform control and printhead diagnostics
  • Connect up to 4 heads per HMB-DG Board

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The capability to drive new printheads is being developed all the time, so if you do not find information on this website about the printhead you need, please contact us to discuss

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