Partnerships within the Inkjet Industry

By Published 10th September 2019Blog

Why partnerships within the inkjet industry? 

GIS is a big believer in partnerships.  We aim for all our customer relationships to be collaborative, but our belief in the importance of partnerships goes much deeper and broader than that.

Inkjet is expanding into so many new areas that it is not possible for suppliers to claim expertise in every industrial segment. Collaboration and partnerships with customers and other suppliers is often critical to the success of integrating inkjet into challenging industrial applications. Projects are often large in scale and of strategic importance to the customer – who may be an OEM machine builder or the end user themselves. Every new application presents unique challenges – so we are always listening and learning.

Working with partners and combining knowledge is key  

We also believe that it’s important to view inkjet as a potentially complementary technology rather than always approaching a new application with the aim or belief that inkjet can replace the existing analogue process or print technology. It may not always apply, but being more open to exploring how inkjet can be adopted (and adapted) as part of an existing process – taking a collaborative rather than combative approach – is often more successful and more acceptable to those keen to conserve and preserve what they know and trust.  An example is the growth in hybrid screen – or dry offset technology – combined with inkjet in the direct-to-container decoration market.

We are very keen to build networks of expertise – companies who can assist in the success of a large project. Inks and fluids are a good example. Customers new to inkjet often don’t understand the complexity of inkjet materials’ compatibility, viscosity and printhead performance. Being able to introduce suitable suppliers and include their expertise can contribute enormously to the success of a project. We value our relationships with ink / fluid suppliers highly.

Collaboration – partnerships – alliances

Whichever term you use we believe this approach is, and will remain, critical to the wider adoption of inkjet into industrial markets. Working together with the right partners enables us to assist customers to leverage the advantages that inkjet technology offers in industrial applications.

Our Partners

We are diverse in culture, ability and experience

We share a common goal and vision – to be the best in our industry and be a responsible member of the business community

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