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Global Inkjet Systems Introduces Atlas Ready

By Published 3rd April 2024News

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Global Inkjet Systems Introduces Atlas Ready: The Badge of Compatibility in Digital Inkjet Printing

Cambridge, UK – In a novel approach, Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) today announced the launch of Atlas Ready, a badge indicating that GIS partner products are fully compatible with the GIS Atlas Software Platform and Inkjet Printing Electronics.

The Atlas Software Platform consists of a complete software suite that includes user interfaces, image processing, printhead drivers, print quality optimisation and ink delivery management systems, including a set of specialised tools to oversee the data path from image to print.  Achieving Atlas Ready status means seamlessly integrating existing partner software and hardware with the GIS inkjet ecosystem and eliminates the need to assemble software, electronics, and ink supply components from different suppliers, delivering a complete solution in one neat bundle which can perform optimally.

‘Atlas Ready is more than just a badge; it represents a collaboration where our partner’s products work seamlessly within the GIS Atlas platform. Our software allows us control over their devices, increasing precision and output quality’, comments Simon Edwards, Commercial Director at GIS. He adds, ‘We help boost the devices’ functionality, which means our partners have a competitive advantage and can push the boundaries of what inkjet technology can achieve, resulting in Image Aware technologies.’ Top of Form

The Atlas Software Platform contains components that streamline the digital printing process. It includes Atlas Professional, an advanced user interface for rapid system configuration, diagnostics and print quality optimisation. Atlas Creator, which provides a comprehensive image editing suite for variable data print content creation. The Atlas Server controls the printing process, integrating with various systems like RIP & Workflow, ink delivery and machine control. Customisation is made possible through the Atlas UI SDK, allowing customers to create their own custom user interface components, while the Atlas Server SDK supports the development of machine control components and system drivers, enhancing control and adaptability in the Atlas Ready ecosystem.

The modular and open design supports extensive customisation, allowing partners to add components, enhance features, and create unique offerings for their customers. Atlas also accelerates the development process, providing a quick route to market and supports multiple languages to ensure global reach.

Atlas Ready is designed for a broad range of applications, including scanning, single pass, direct-to-shape, 3D, and custom applications, promising a seamless customer experience across many user levels, for both software and hardware integration.

Atlas Ready products are now available to GIS customers. For more information about Atlas Ready, please click the link below.

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