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Head Interface Board for Xaar Nitrox

GIS Product
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Printhead Family



The HIB-XR-1002 Head Interface Board allows communications between the Xaar Nitrox range of printheads and the GIS Print Manager Board (PMB-C8/PMB-C2/PMB-C8-3).

Updated software and logic drives the Nitrox printheads up to their maximum speeds.  Using the AcuChp information stored within each Nitrox printhead means that head setup is fast and simple.

Printhead Variants Supported

Nitrox Core, Pro and Elite each at GS6, GS12 or GS40

Number of Printheads


Print Modes
Number of Grey levels 8

  • Printhead Voltage Base and Offset Control
  • Left and Right Nozzle Bank Voltage Trim (1/16V steps)
  • Grey level / Binary Mode Control
  • Grey level Drop Count Control
  • Printhead Waveform Control
  • Supports Xaar’s high laydown mode
  • Utilises Xaar AcuChp information

Length 98mm
Width 100mm
Depth 15mm
Weight 100g
GIS Product
Power Supply
Connectors 2
Cable length from PMB up to 10m
Cable length from HIB to Head 300mm
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Head Interface Board for Xaar Nitrox for Nitrox

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