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GIS Launches New Direct Drive Board for Xaar 1001 Printheads

By Published 16th May 2011News

Global Inkjet Systems (GIS), a leading developer of integrated inkjet printhead operating systems, today announced the launch of their new direct drive board for Xaar 1001 printheads. The new board provides a direct link between the GIS Print Manager Board (PMB) and the Xaar 1001 printhead, eliminating the need for the Xaar Head Personality Card (HPC).

Xaar HIB-XR-1001

The development of the new HIB-XR-1001 was driven by customer requests for fewer connections within the system in order to simplify the electronics architecture and reduce costs. With GIS customers now building single pass systems incorporating large numbers of Xaar 1001 printheads (in some cases over 100), system reliability and robustness is vital. Reducing connections contributes to reliability and also reduces the number of components, which need to be kept in stock for spare parts. Eliminating the need for the Xaar HPC reduces the overall cost of the system electronics.

“We listen to feedback from our customers and the development of this new direct drive board is a good example of how we’re working to develop innovative solutions to improve our customers’ systems and also reduce costs,” said Debbie Thorp, Business Development Director and also added that. “This is just the first in a series of new products that we will be launching in 2011 to support our customers.”

In addition, the new HIB-XR-1001 only requires a standard 24V power supply, instead of the 30V requirement of the Xaar HPC.

GIS has developed two versions of the new Xaar direct drive board. The first has exactly the same format as the Xaar HPC for easy changeover and implementation in existing systems. This version is available to order now. The second version will be a slimline board, designed to mount directly onto the Xaar 1001 printhead. The slimline version will be available in Q4 2011.

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