KJ4A-TA/AA 20kHz / KJ4A-RH 30 kHz UV 600dpi printhead control
KJ4B-QA 30kHz / KJ4B-YH 40kHz aqueous 600dpi printhead control
KJ4A/B-0300 30kHz 2-colour 300dpi printhead control
  • Provides access to all standard KJ4 settings including:-
    • Ink temperature control, internal clock rate setting, greyscale drop size control (Minute, Small, Middle, Large, Meniscus)
  • Drives full-rate binary (1bpp) or greyscale (2bpp and 3bpp) data
    • Enabling full-speed printing of variable or static data
  • Able to print at almost any resolution including: -
    • Native (600 x 600dpi); Asymmetric Ratio (1200 x 600dpi); Non-standard Asymmetric Ratio (480 x 600dpi); Interlaced (1200 x 1200dpi, 1400 x 1200dpi)