Atlas® User Interface & Machine Control 
Atlas is the name for all next generation GIS software. The platform is designed to enable:
  • End users to get the highest quality and productivity from their machines
  • Machine builders to rapidly develop, deploy and support the most appropriate machines
  • Component suppliers to offer their products as integrated solutions

The Atlas software platform encompasses:-
  • User Interface Platform (UIP), Components & SDK
  • Machine Control Platform (SDK), Components & SDK RIP technologies

Atlas User Interface Platform, Components & SDK
The Atlas User Interface Platform (UIP) accelerates technology design and cuts development time. Built using Microsoft industry standard .NET and WPF platforms, the Atlas UI provides OEM system builders with a modern UI which can be customized to incorporate branding, different colour schemes, languages and customer-specific functionality. It provides UI options that match target users – from press operators to service engineers.

Windowed UI and Kiosk UI 
Atlas provides two different interface control options as standard. The Windowed Mode control option gives the operator/user access to many different commands and features – this is a full access UI. GIS also offers a Kiosk control option, which provides a simpler touch screen-compatible UI. Kiosk mode allows system builders to “lock down” access to specific tools, making the UI suitable for applications where operator access must be tightly controlled – for example as part of a multi-stage manufacturing process or for high security pharmaceutical applications.
Atlas Windowed UI Atlas Kiosk UI

Standard Atlas UIP Functionality

The Atlas UIP provides many standard features and components including:-

  System Status
This tool provides live feedback to the user about the status of the GIS Print Server RIP and Print Controller Engines. It has dimension sensitive rendering to fit into different aspect ratio dockings.
Job design & review
Provides users with WYSIWYG interface allowing creating of static and variable data job including support for bitmaps, pdf, 1D, 2D and composite barcodes, free form text, date and time, serial numbers, shapes and much more.
Transport/Motion control
This tool provides jog control for X,Y and Z (if enabled) axes as well as a Stop, Home, Start Position, Load Substrate and Maintenance Position pre-programmed buttons. Real time feedback is given on the position of the axes
Job queue
Provides the end user with queues from which to set up jobs, start jobs, monitor print progress and abort jobs. Supports drag and drop or single click operation. Multiple queues for completed, available and error
RIP configuration
Provides control over the setup of the GIS RIP. Colour Management, Linearisation and Screener settings.
Ink system monitoring and control
Provides operator control over the ink system. Per ink view of bulk ink storage levels, current ink system mode (Off, Idle, Recirculating). Ink Header Tank temperature, warning, errors and purge control (global and individual).
Ink cost calculator
Calculates the amount of ink used in a given job for a current print mode. Report the amount and cost of ink used with an advanced view showing a breakdown of ink usage per grey level. (Requires accurate calibration of system)
Spit Control
Provides the end user with print control over all printheads. Users can select specific grey levels, jetting frequency and then either Drop Count or Time.
Printhead Electronics View
Provides status feedback on all the Printhead Interface Boards (HIBs) in the system. Allows users to quickly disable and enable all heaters and identify problem areas in the system.
System Messages
A fully integrated messaging system to inform users of system Errors, Warnings and Information messages.
Printhead view
Provides system developers with information about printhead alignment, nozzle bank ink mappings, nozzle enable.

Customisable User Interface
The Atlas user interface can be easily rebranded and customised. GIS will continue roll out levels of functionality and customisabilit. Initially customers can choose from a number of executable Views. These executables are designed to meet the needs of different types of operators. Available Views include simple job queues to more complex system control.

Customising Atlas 
Standard Views can be modified by the machine builder. This includes changing logos, buttons, shadows, colour transparencies, backgrounds can be deleted, moved and modified. Much of this can be done without programming skills. The View can be modified or completely replaced by the machine builder. Information and user control can be displayed in whichever format the machine builder wishes. Finally, a new Model, View Model and View can be added. This allows machine builders to interface to additional systems.

Language Support
English is shipped as standard, but Atlas is capable of supporting different languages.

Customising Atlas™

Atlas® Japanese language demonstration

Logo and Splash Screen
System builders have the option the replace the GIS Splash screen image with their own logo or end user’s logo. The logo can be positioned where you want in the View.

Customers can choose from a library of Themes. Each Theme has different palette (colours used); Icons (style of command keys); Fonts (size and type).

Atlas UI Software Architecture
The Atlas® software architecture follows the principles of Model View Controller (MVC). Atlas is built around industry standard software (Microsoft MVVM), written in C# using .NET libraries.
  • The View is what the user sees
  • It talks only to the View Model
  • The view can be rapidly changed by a graphic designed using standard tools
  • The View Model is the glue layer between the View and the Model
  • It provides standard interfaces between the two outer layers
  • The Model is tasked with communicating with all the systems in the printer
  • It will talk with the GIS Print Server and other systems.
Download the Atlas Datasheet
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