Global Inkjet Systems


Past presentations from Global Inkjet Systems

Japan Inkjet Virtual Messe
5th November 2020
IMI Inkjet Conference 2020
Tempe, Arizona
12th February 2020
Japan Inkjet Business Conference
Tokyo, Japan
30th January 2020
Automotive Surfaces Conference
Berlin, Germany
4th December 2019
GlassPrint Conference 2019
Duesseldorf, Germany
27th November 2019
TheIJC 2019
Duesseldorf, Germany
29th October 2019
IMI Inkjet Age of Materials Conference
Chicago, IL, USA
4th September 2019
Inkjet Summer School
Tokyo, Japan
28th August 2019
Chicago, Illinois
22nd May 2019
3rd Automotive Painting & Advanced Coatings Summit
Munich, Germany
16th May 2019
Advanced Functional & Industrial Printing Conference 2019
Dusseldorf, Germany
27th March 2019
IMI Inkjet Printing Conference
Orlando, Florida, USA
6th February 2019
Inkjet Interest Group
Cambridge, UK
23rd January 2019
Automotive Surfaces Conference 2018
Berlin, Germany
12th December 2018
5th Digital Textile Congress 2018
27th September 2018
Printing for Fabrication 2018
Dresden, Germany
24th September 2018
Digital Print for Packaging
Atlanta, USA
9th June 2017
IMI Inkjet Engineering Conference
Lausanne, Switzerland
16th March 2017

We are your expert partner

Our expertise extends beyond datapath hardware, software and ink system components – to colour management, rendering, ink laydown, stitching, multi-pass strategies, direct-to-shape, ink optimisation, waveform generation – and more

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