Global Inkjet Systems

Business Code of Ethics


Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) has always aimed to be an ethical employer and business partner. This external document, aimed at suppliers, customers, and partners, provides a summary of how we apply this ethical policy. Underpinning this code are detailed policies on individual subjects, which are communicated to GIS employees through the Company Staff Handbook.

Obeying the Law

The Company and all our employees are expected to comply with UK laws and applicable regulations, and those of other countries when travelling or based outside of the UK.

Our People

We recruit, employ and promote employees solely based on their ability to fulfil the requirements of the role. We aim to maintain a working environment where there is mutual trust and respect, where everyone is accountable for their actions and where all members of staff feel responsible for the performance, reputation and the future of our company.
We aim to provide a working culture in which employees thrive.
We provide our employees with a safe and healthy working environment and are continually looking to improve it.


We aim to conduct our business dealings with trust – treating customers and suppliers alike with honesty and integrity. We respect the legitimate interests of all those with whom we have relationships. We safeguard information provided to us in accordance with relevant laws and contractual commitments.

Intellectual Property

We aim to protect our Intellectual Property (IP) and respect the IP of others. In our business dealings we expect our customers and suppliers to respect our IP.


We comply with the UK Bribery Act 2010. No employee may offer, give or receive any gift, payment or entertainment which is, or may reasonably be construed as being, a bribe.

Conflicts of Interest

All GIS employees must avoid personal activities and financial interests that could conflict, or be perceived to conflict, with their responsibilities to the Company. Employees must not seek gain for themselves or others through misuse of their positions.

Charity and Community Involvement

We actively support charity and related activity, particularly when it involves the local community.

The Environment

We aim to make continuous improvements to our environmental impact.

Ethics and Suppliers

GIS does not work with suppliers that we know, or suspect do not share our ethical principles.

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