Print Manager Board


PMB-C8 – 8 Channel – USB 2.0

GIS Inkjet Operating System

The Print Manager Board (PMB-C8) is the core hardware component of the GIS Inkjet Operating System. It enables a standard Windows PC to drive multiple industrial inkjet printheads via USB 2.0 in Single Pass, Scanning XY and custom systems.

Complete Printhead Control

The PMB-C8 provides read and write access to all available OEM printhead settings including temperature control, voltage and waveform settings, binary and greyscale calibration.

Drop Placement Control

The Advanced Encoder Manager System (AEMS) supports industry standard encoders and product detect / print go signals and provides per-printhead encoder divide and sub-pixel adjust, delivering complete drop placement control and repeatability.

PC to PMB Comms (Mb/s)USB 2.0 (370)
Max. Memory (MB)128
Channels8x 200Mb
EncoderRS422 & TTL Quad.
Print GoRS422 & TTL, 32 deep
Maximum System SizeNo Limit
PMB – HIB Cable length15m
Encoder and Print Go Daisy ChainYes, TTL

The PMB-C8 is a component of the GIS Inkjet Operating System. It is designed to drive any manufacturer’s printhead using GIS Head Personality Boards.


Multiple PMBs can be stacked horizontally or vertically using an industrial standard VME backplane to drive large arrays of printheads. Software configurable master-slave architecture simplifies set-up and maintenance.


Each printhead is driven by a dedicated high speed channel capable of delivering print data on demand in the most demanding of applications.

High speed on-board RAM provides ample buffering for wide-format and single pass systems, allowing the specialised software drivers to deliver continuous static and variable data streams to the printheads.

Advanced Applications

With the power to simultaneously drive multiple printhead technologies off the same system at different resolutions, the PMB-C8 opens up a world of possibility for printer development and manufacturing.

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GIS Print Manager Boards

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