Monotech Chooses GIS for Printhead Drive Electronics and Software

By Published 6th November 2019Case Study

Development and on-going technical support are as important as product reliability when Monotech chooses a supplier partner

Over the last 20 years, Monotech Systems Limited has become one of India’s leading producers of digital printing technology. This success has seen them expand outside of India, and their machines can now be found in some 20 countries worldwide.

When Monotech were looking for a printhead drive electronics partner, reliability was key. At the time, market perception was that digital printing suffered from reliability and print

Jimit Mittal, Vice President – Inkjet Products and Solutions at Monotech

Jimit Mittal, Vice President – Inkjet Products and Solutions at Monotech

inconsistencies, which resulted in potential customers becoming concerned that their productivity would be compromised. The team at Monotech needed partners who would work with them to help change this view and allow them to increase their sales.

So how do you change such a perceived point of view? “Before we go into production mode with any of the selected printhead drive electronics, we run extensive real-world production environment testing for up to three months,” says Jimit Mittal, Vice President – Inkjet Products and Solutions at Monotech. “We want to identify a number of factors such as the ease of use and the reliability and stability of the systems, as well as experience the technical support capability of a supplier.”

Having identified potential suppliers, Monotech needed them prove several key requirements so that they could get the best from their equipment:

  • The components and software were capable of their requirements.
  • The supplier had a high level of technical knowledge
  • The supplier was capable to support Monotech completely.


Through the testing and development, Monotech quickly identified GIS as a partner who could supply, support and help them learn during their printer development. The Monotech team saw that they had found a partner who was as interested in their future as much as they were. With their system base requirements covered by GIS, Monotech could now spend time developing the other capabilities that were needed by their customers.

At Labelexpo India 2018, Monotech launched its Colornovo digital label press. The ease of integrating GIS products into the Colornovo press was one thing but allowing Monotech to meet the ever-growing demands of the label industry was quite another. “As with our other products, we started using the GIS components from the beginning of the development because we knew that we would receive the best possible support in getting our product to market,” says Mittal. “The capability of the Colornovo press allows us to target a greater number of sectors. We initially went through a period of learning to confirm that our product could meet these new customer needs, and GIS were there to support us throughout this journey. This meant that we could produce the best possible product and get it as fast as possible to the market.”


Being able to offer the end user a very high level of support was an important requirement for Monotech. Dedicated training held at the GIS office allowed Monotech engineers to gain a great level of knowledge for developing and building their systems. However, should an end user have technical issues once installed, Monotech had the support of the GIS support team to get the customer back up and running. Being able to directly connect to the printer means that GIS engineers can see in real time what is happening and can guide the Monotech engineers to a solution as fast as possible, getting the end user back up and running, and printing product.

So, what does the future hold for Monotech? Mittal concludes “Our aim is to be the most preferred inkjet printing solution provider globally, whether it’s for commercial, label, packaging, security or any other application.  We are consistently investing in new projects and developments to fulfil the market demand with the most innovative technology at highly competitive prices backed with best possible support to all our customers – we really thank GIS for being part of our successful journey so far.”


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