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5th Digital Textile Congress 2018

By Published 3rd April 2018Events

Ghent, Belgium

27th - 28th September 2018

GIS are proud sponsors of the 5th International Digital Textile Congress 2018. The DTC2018 will be held in Ghent, Belgium, September 27 – 28, 2018. GIS will be exhibiting and speaking at this event.

Jozef Vlaskamp will present ‘Design and Operation of Inkjet Delivery Systems’

Abstract: This presentation will cover some of the fundamental issues related to building and maintaining robust ink delivery systems (IDS). The challenges for IDS designers and builders are increasing – more industrial printheads require controlled/adjustable recirculating flow; other printheads and fluids may benefit from low flow recirculation; system sizes are increasing which increases complexity; fluids may need degassing or heating. This presentation will cover these key issues including tubing, pressure control, flow type, different IDS design options, pitfalls and troubleshooting common problems.

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